Magic Island


After releasing her first full-length LP ‚Like Water’ earlier this year, Magic Island throws us a (albeit utterly heartbreaking) curve ball with her new single ‚Easy Babe’. The track is fully loaded with vulnerability and anxieties, and while still clinging to her sweet pop songwriting, breaks her usual structures and aesthetics. With a powerful vibrato barely affected, Magic Island sings with a confidence and provocateur to give you shivers. With simple, direct lyrics - ‚Easy Babe – I wanna know if the world’s worth saving? Easy Babe – I wanna know if it’s just not working? And I try to convince you that I will go on for you, I try to believe that a change is gonna come’ Easy Babe hits the truth, that life is fucking hard and this world is looking fucking grim. It is pure, powerful and introspective.

Take a moment for yourself with this one.