Night Sports

is back in 2019


Night Sports



Danish-born, New York-based, producer Night Sports released his highly praised debut EP in 2014.


Excited with everything about the process but singing, he eventually put his own artist project on hold. In a twist of fate, he moved to LA and began co-writing and producing for other artists some of the time - and driving around in a beat-up Porsche, listening to Eurodance, most of the time.


It took four years for Night Sports to re-emerge with his own material. This time, with a dance sound inspired by the producer's many addresses over the past years: fusing the minor-chord nostalgia of European pop tradition with the nihilism of LA - and the ambition of New York City.


Trigger, Night Sports’ comeback single, features German singer Kimberley Krump on vocals - and is out on Motor Entertainment March XY 2019.