Confirmation:  SURVIVE





Confirmation: SURVIVE

SURVIVE, the debut EP under Peter Milos’s musical moniker of Confirmation, brims with the euphoria of finding hope. As depicted in the album’s cover image of a grey cloud turning pink, these six songs take us on the journey of Milos’s fight to find beauty in the darkness and raise it up for everyone to see - a fight that Milos lives day in and day out as a social worker in Berlin, Germany. Imbued with a deep sense of empathy, the record’s lyrical themes show Milos digging into personal experiences, delivered in a universal way with the intention of empowering the listener and telling them that there’s a way through. Recorded in Berlin at Birth Mark Studios with producer Niko Stoessl, these themes are only strengthened by the music itself. With every new synth sound, every new drum hit or guitar solo, Milos reached into the nostalgia of a musical past, reinterpreting the synth sounds of the 80s and the raw and honest vocal deliveries of 90’s rock singers to create a genre-defying sound that is at once totally new but at the same time feels so familiar on a subconscious level - a sound that against all odds found its way into regular pop-radio airplay on Hamburg’s NJOY Radio with the EP’s first single Give it Up. As Milos follows this up with the EP’s lead single “Radio”, together with an action packed music video. SURVIVE is the sound of Milos being true to himself, choosing authenticity and striving for nothing else.

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