Mr. Burn:  Münchhausen By Proxy



Mr. Burn


Mr. Burn: Münchhausen By Proxy

How would you act if you had just committed a murder? The alter ego Mr. Burn would apparently use it as an excuse to make a music video wearing sunglasses and lacquer… “The macabre video for MÜNCHAUSEN BY PROXY is inspired by the fascination of serial killers and true crime, that we see manifested on streaming sites these days. It’s not a new tendency, but it has become obvious now with the supply and demand we see on e.g., Netflix. We enjoy these sinister tales in documentaries, movies, and literature, but we aren’t accustomed to it being used in popular music. As if what an artist sings about should reflect one’s opinion, which is kind of odd when you think about it. With this video, we are trying to push the boundaries of what a music video could look like. When funding everything ourselves, “cheap” is often a dogma we use. By being the smallest production imaginable, it has given us a very authentic process – as well as a product – which we hope you will enjoy. Just remember not to glorify us for our sins.”

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