Smile And Burn

Smile And Burn

With the seemingly endless high of Germanlanguage and hiphop based music Berlin is not an El Dorado for heartfelt Englishspeaking rock. But Smile And Burn have proven their stubbornness over the past six years. After a demo EP in 2009 they were about to get started and subsequently named their first album “Flight Attempt Of The Kiwi“. The following years were packed with intense touring throughout Europe from Southhampton to Rome and the band supported some of their bigger American colleagues like Man Overboard and Polar Bear Club. Along with the second album in 2012 – “We Didn‘t Even Fight Yet“ – the band made themselves comfortable within the European punk scene playing festival like Open Flair and Monster Bash and supporting pop icons like the Donots.

“Action Action“ now as the peak of that trilogy dares to challenge the prospering trend:Released via Motor Entertainment and produced by Olman Viper it represents an ambitious project, musically and lyrically trying to fill a huge gap within the German music landscape. “Kiss goodbye and I let go“: Featured by Guido from the Donots those are the opening words, a personal conviction and an invitation to the audience, that is on the scout for new inspiring alternative songs. The Youtube channel, the provoking artwork, the devastating live performance, they all contribute to what lies at the core of twelve refreshing energetic songs: Action Action.

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Smile And Burn - Action Action [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Smile And Burn - Action Action [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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