Motor auf dem ESNS 24

Motor auf dem ESNS 24

Orbit is the electronic project of German producer and songwriter Marcel Heym. With a soundscape blending raw acoustic guitars and atmospheric synth leads, he combines imagery of life in the countryside with an immersive dream world. After releasing his first songs, Orbit played various boutique festivals and generated millions of streams. His latest album ‘Sunday by the River’ was released in spring 2023, followed by his first European tour.

Performance Time: Friday to Saturday night 19 JAN - Mutua Fides - 23:30-00:10

Get Jealous: Whether you think they’re pop, punk, sweet, harsh, wild, happy or way too serious: Get Jealous makes sure you’re listening, even when you think you don’t like punk. Wannabe skater Marike (she/her), drummer Marek (he/him) and front bitch Otto (they/them) perform energetic songs inspired by the earlier years of The Regrettes mixed with Disney theme songs. The short, loud punk tunes are often catchy, while Otto’s lyrics reflect on today’s crooked society and bring up discussions with your own thoughts.

Performance Time

Wed 17 JAN - MAAS Front - 22:10-22:50

Thu 18 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 17:50-18:10

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