Bad Spirit:  The Impossible Burger



Bad Spirit

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Bad Spirit: The Impossible Burger

Bad Spirit returns with his second single ‘The Impossible Burgerʼ, " blossoming industrially-tinged chunk of art-pop, as catchy "s it is cosmic. With rigid, marching percussion situated somewhere between Janet Jackson and the bubbling cauldrons of a laboratory, Bad Spirit creates a beat texture as brittle as the lyrical protagonist. “Are you up for giving up?” is asked again and again, yet the beat goes on, dreamy ambience and a sky of euphoric atmosphere opens up - itʼs a track that perseveres in spite of itself, taking the listener somewhere heavenly. Vocally, Bad Spirit lives up to his ghostly name - while ever present, the voice drifts and displaces, seemingly emerging from the ambience bubbling up below the harsh surface. Itʼs a track seemingly designed for the strange summer this year has delivered, sun, sky and simmering sorrow. ‘The Impossible Burgerʼ commands your attention, demanding that you follow it down its cracked path - the bliss of its destination is sure to pay off.

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