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Juliet Fox

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Juliet Fox: Techno in Space

Juliet Fox kicks off 2023 with a powerful single release on her imprint, TREGAMBE. 'Techno in Space' is to be the sixth release and will also mark the end of the label's second chapter. The track takes no time whatsoever to grab your attention as Juliet's distinct and unique vocals kick in almost on the first bar. Her selective and clever use of words throws the listener into a trance as Juliet repeats, "... you're going on a journey... all you have to do is follow my voice". Listen and follow those instructions and you will be on an adventure as the track traverses many moments. "2022 was one of my biggest years, arguably my breakthrough year. I made so many debuts at amazing events in fantastic cities and kept going! 2023 will be even bigger and I'm excited to kick it off with a release on my label. It brings the second chapter of releases to a close and what happens then is exciting... the label's next stage is to widen the roster and I have signed some new artists who will be releasing their tracks in the coming months...! Watch this space!" Pushing the tempo, 'Techno in Space' lands at 140bpm and constantly evolves throughout the track incorporating several elements and showcasing influences across dance, house, hip hop, all delivered in a tight and powerful formula. The punishing kick drum and bouncy synth lines make it as hypnotic as any of Juliet's previous tracks. Track 2 coined 'Juliet's Dark Turn Acid Mix' offers an alternative version with an equally impressive acid-fueled journey for the listener, twisting the vocals and completely altering the perception of the track. TREGAMBE is Juliet Fox's Italian surname, and the label allows her to honour and lean into her family heritage through the music and the artwork, which are her own painted creations using acrylic on canvas. To further personalise the label, she launched her own clothing line and merchandise in 2021, including a range of unisex apparel that features her artworks and Fox signet.

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