Kellermensch:  Another Drink





Kellermensch: Another Drink

"Here I stand I can do no other / I am not afraid of love / Give me another chance and I'll take it / I am not afraid of love", so goes the fateful chorus from abyssal Danish noir-rockers as they return to the surface in surprisingly vulnerable fashion.

Half a decade ago Kellermensch seemed submerged in the very same soil they so groundbreakingly had emerged from. After the self-titled debut had taken European reviewers by storm and led to performances at, among others, Rock am Ring, Rock im Park and the iconic opening of Roskilde Festival’s legendary Orange Stage, the band seemed to descend from the surface back underground. 5 years later the six-piece reappeared with their illustrious comeback album, ‘Goliath’, gaining entirely positive reviews in Germany and elsewhere.

Now the six-piece is ready with a brand new song that most likely, equal parts, will shock old fans while attract new ones. The ongoing global pandemic, paralyzing most of the European music industry and its actors, has not been easy for the Danish rock phenomena either, which has been working on their third full-length album between sold-out shows and corona restrictions.

"Despite our intention to be more united around the making of our next album, the pandemic has forced us to work separately. It has revealed new sides of the band, we did not know it possessed ", says drummer Anders Ravn.

On "Another drink", Kellermensch step out of the shadow of the pandemic with their brightest single so far. Gone are thundering drums, distorted guitars, the overturning chaos, as what remains is a painful, yet beautiful, calmness on this ballad about troubled love, mistakes and weaknesses, but the courage to stand by oneself.

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