Adam Wendler:  Motions (Acoustic)



Adam Wendler

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Adam Wendler: Motions (Acoustic)

Imagine you're sitting around a camp fire on a warm summer's night with some friends. You go from singing along to your favourite tunes to staring into the fire, each lost in your own thoughts. This is the journey Adam Wendler's new album takes you on - it combines emotional ballads with singalong anthems - all packaged in an organic and honest way. After releasing "Motions" in 2022 with its stadium Pop sound, Adam felt the urge to also share his raw acoustic side with the world. On "Motions (Acoustic)" all tracks have been reimagined - the idea was to show how every song can be interpreted in a different way. At some points Adam even had the feeling he was covering his own songs.
The album was recorded in Berlin with fellow Canadian producer Derek Ullenboom. Infusing it with the Canadian Folk style they both grew up with, "Motions (Acoustic)" has a timeless and raw sound with a modern pop touch.

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