benzii:  Skip a Beat




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benzii: Skip a Beat

With the release of “Skip a Beat”, the young Berliner singer songwriter benzii revisits a battle of emotions. The track features her fights against anxiety disorder and depression. In "Skip a Beat", benzii escapes the rhythm of life dominated by fear, while simultaneously finding refuge in anarchy.

Together with Berlin DJ and Co-producer Luca Eck, benzii tells the story of a "breakout", an experience informed by ever evolving rhythmical and melodic changes. The changes cover emotions such as euphoria, misery, fear, and fearlessness.

Her past is further rebuilt through the aide of a piano. With the lead melody, benzii refers to the birth of her musical identity. The piano functions as a shepherd of her emotions, and an expression of her courage.

With her newest release "Skip a Beat", benzii inspires her listeners to use the strength and the pain of the past to change the present. Because in order to overcome, your rhythm has to be broken.

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