Olmo:  Dream Boat





Olmo: Dream Boat

This song uses the metaphor of being lost on a boat at the mercy of the omnipotent elements to portray feelings of depression, helplessness and ill mental health. Our dream boat holds our hopes and dreams, keeping them alive and losing control over it can lead to feelings of hopelessness and toxic fear. This song is a cry for an answer in the whirlwind of questions that spiral in our head when we are feeling like we have no way of progress or no direction at all.

It is a cheerful song about being miserable. The joyous mood of the song contrasts the dark narrative to portray the difference we often experience between what we feel inside and what we display on the outside when we are in an emotional abyss. This is especially common in men, who in the name of appearing strong have been pressured by society to not show vulnerability or weakness, which results in an inability of talking about one’s emotions or asking for help.

Keywords: Mental health / direction / help / dreams / hope

Key quotes:

When rope of hope is round your throat

how do you keep your dream boat afloat?

When you’re so far out

That even if you were to shout

The ocean of doubt

Drowns you out

And you can’t make a sound

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