Olmo:  Telepathy





Olmo: Telepathy

Francesco Lo Giudice (aka Olmo) studied violin throughout his bilingual upbringing in Rome and London before turning to electronic composition whilst at Bristol University studying music. After graduation Olmo decided on a move to Berlin. “Bristol was a formative experience for me, but it was time to move on,” he says. Long days busking on the streets of Berlin became the place to forge new friendships, and the experience proved furtive for his imagination - the Olmo project was born. He soon released his debut EP, Roots, and started to collaborate with fellow artists in Berlin: released with Alice Phoebe Lou, produced with Acid Pauli and supported on extensive tours with Jesper Munk and L.A. Salami. He reconnected with his friend and artist Frank Dillane (aka Mathilda) who moved to Berlin to work on an album with Olmo. In May 2020 they released a full-length album (“Hiroshima Tarantula”). Last year released his debut album. Recorded at his studio in Berlin, a room in a community art space (Artistania), together with fellow musicians Fran recorded “The Trunk”. The work consolidated his craft as a meticulous producer and careful songwriter, confronting pressing social issues of our time, exploring mental health, the male ego as well as the eternal mystery of love. Mental health is a central theme on the album, as Olmo channels his experiences into lyrics that explore men’s difficulties in expressing their emotions. The state of the world in 2020-2021 can also be felt in stark detail. What did he want people to take from this album? “I think it’s a vulnerable album, with the full spectrum of emotions on show,” he explains. “I hope that listeners can relate to or empathize with that. We’re all suffering in some way – the last two years have revealed that – so this is about connecting with each other and getting through – the idea of the boat to the shore.” “Ultimately a lot of this album is about recognising that change is good.” After the release of this debut album “the Trunk” last year Francesco once again picked up the plume and started writing new songs. He now sets out on “release road” once again with label Motor Music with three single releases planned for this year. By contrast to his album these singles are Love themed songs. The songs touch on the fact that it is ok to need other people, to seek a part of oneself in others to feel truly complete. Accepting the fact that one might feel unfulfilled without the contribution to ones whole from those around us. “Love is not a dirty word” Fran says, “it is ok to have needs that include other people”. While it is ok to strive to be self-sufficient, it is human to be vulnerable and need support from friends, family and partners to feel complete and fulfilled with existence. “Being an island is a trap” Fran states

“Telepathy” is the first single set for release. “Telepathy is communication. Telepathy is connection. Telepathy is love, when two people become one.” says Fran.

The Single release is accompanied by a stunning music video. He elaborates on the making of: “The video was made over the course of 10 days with my partner and we kept trying the stunts until we achieved symbiosis and got the shots. No post production or fancy tricks. Telepathy only.”

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