Sparkling:  Not The Right Place (COMA Remix)





Sparkling: Not The Right Place (COMA Remix)

A remix of SPARKLING's 'Not The Right Place' by COMA. Both hailing from a city that birthed the like of Krautrock, and with LCD Soundsystem’s Al Doyle and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard on production reins, Cologne-formed trio Sparkling’s 'Not The Right Place' gets remixed by fellow Cologne residents COMA.

The EP made by brothers Leon and Levin Krasel, together with Luca Schüten is an adrenaline rush of a journey that traverses Europe, drawing on French electronic music, the urgency and ferocity of English post-punk and the throbbing pulse of krautrock. “Our music is partly about the importance of sticking together as European citizens” they say. “There is so much cultural density and diversity in Europe which is amazing. In our music we take all these influences from the European music landscape. From French Electro to English Post Punk to German Krautrock and Electronic music. It’s amazing how much you can explore in the different countries.”

SPARKLING: "So cool that our hometown friends COMA featured so many details of the original and turned it into that epic late night club banger. It has this Cologne vibe. Just perfect to get lost on the dancefloor!“

COMA: "We ve known Sparkling for years since you can’t get out of meeting each other when both sides live in Cologne and do Indie Music. We love their energy that’s why we didn’t hesitate to contribute a remix to their EP.“

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